Our Philosophy

We are lovers of the arts.

We believe the arts have the power to change lives. 

The arts make a community richer. The arts are for everyone.

SPACE is a non-profit community organization born of a desire to elevate the importance of the arts in our culture, our neighborhood, and our daily lives. SPACE no longer operates a storefront studio on Mission Street, but continues its non-profit mission, producing arts events and advocating for arts education.  This evolution is a transition to SPACE 2.0!

For the last eight years, SPACE has been a vital creative hub. Through gallery exhibitions and performances, school-based programs, studio classes and local partnerships, SPACE has emerged as an incubator for ideas, a place for visionaries & dreamers, showing how - through the arts - imagination can ignite the aspirations of a community.  SPACE’s mission was to bring the arts to the forefront of our community.  Along with all who walked through its doors, it succeeded!

Feel free to stay in touch through email at southpasarts@sbcglobal.net, or on the SPACE Facebook page.

Who We Are

Hope Perello
A former filmmaker, Hope is now a full time advocate for the arts and arts education. She is a strong believer in the power of the arts to change lives and communities. When not bothering her amazing teenage daughter and talented artist husband, she spends her spare time thinking up ways to provide people of all ages joyful, thoughtprovoking, and moving artmaking experiences.

Board of Directors

Victoria Arriola

Debbie Burkart

Lisa Garcia

Dana Breaux Kennedy

Marie Switzer Miller

Deb McCurdy

Margo Newman

Nancy Peponis

Kyle Riddle

Katya Shaposhnik

Brad Thiel

Curatorial Committee

Victoria Arriola, Danielle B. Ashton, Dana Breaux Kennedy, Marie Switzer Miller.