Past Exhibition

The Cosmic Joker An Assemblage Group show

The Cosmic Joker is an art show by members of the Los Angeles Assemblage Group* and co-curated by member Annie Helm, whose piece inspired the show’s title.

The assemblage group, formed in 1994, explores the Cosmic Joker theme as a take on karma - a higher power with a twist, perhaps - dealing with the absurdities of life, dark humor, and death and rebirth.

*Annie Helm, Annemarie Rawlinson, Diane Stovall, Eva Kolosvary-Stupler, Jay Reed, Jean Mc Callister, Joseph Sims, Larry Villarin, Lily La Bare, Marian Seiders, Patty Grau, Sandy Brown Wyeth

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 23, 2016, 7:00 – 9:00 pm