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A. Wolfe

April Wolfe (sometimes known as A.) is a journalist, essayist, fiction writer, music writer, screenwriter, film director, editor, and designer. Founder and producer of the One Axe Plays collective from Women’s Center for Creative Work, 2014 A Public Space Emerging Writer Fellow, 2015 BinderCon Fellow, 2016 Iceland Writers Retreat Alumni Award winner, and a USC Los Angeles Institute for the Humanities fellow. She is also a teacher, helping others develop their work for the page and screen.

A. Wolfe


Family Activity at The Eclectic Fest
All ages Saturday, April 28, 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Make art collages and haikus to express diversity & neighborly love in our community. Inspired by the art installation, “Have You Seen Him?” No need to sign up, just show up near the “Walking Man” sculpture by the South Pasadena Metro Station, Meridian Ave. and Mission Street.

Teacher: Crystal Ho
Fee: $0.00

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