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Régine Verougstraete

Régine Verougstraete is a Belgium born artist who consciously began using her art as a self healing tool in 1986. Journaling with images and performing symbolic self-healing rituals became an integral part of her life and her work.  Régine’s professional artwork, shown in Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels, is a small representation of the body of her work.  The raw, sometimes painful and vulnerable, sometimes wild and unedited part of her artistic production, she has kept to herself for many years.  Becoming a Brennan Healing Science practitioner in 2010 gave her the opportunity to consciously integrate her two passions: healing and art.  She brings 25 years of hands on, heart filled experience in the field of Intuitive Healing art.

Régine Verougstraete


Family Activity at The Eclectic Fest
All ages Saturday, April 28, 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Make art collages and haikus to express diversity & neighborly love in our community. Inspired by the art installation, “Have You Seen Him?” No need to sign up, just show up near the “Walking Man” sculpture by the South Pasadena Metro Station, Meridian Ave. and Mission Street.

Teacher: Crystal Ho
Fee: $0.00

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