Stephanie Mercado

Stephanie Mercado’s work merges fashion, painting, printmaking and  historical European imagery with contemporary issues concerning identity construction and the pursuit of the American Dream. In a culture driven by consumerism, she investigates how material objects become symbols of one's success and define one's identity. The imagery discerningly questions the origins of displays of wealth  that have contributed to a growing insatiable consumerist culture. Throughout the work,  elements of cartography personify land, real-estate and one’s curiosity to explore and conquer the unknown. Bodies of water or vast Seas are used as metaphors that remind one of the innumerable attempts to voyage into a mysterious and sometimes treacherous world in search of natural resources, or new horizons. Houses become icons, and the use of pattern is symbolic for the need to adorn, embellish and personalize one's  possessions in one’s effort to validate their own self worth.

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Past Exhibition

Stephen Hsiao Have You Seen Him?

An interactive art installation designed by architect and designer Stephen Hsiao, presented one day only at the Eclectic Music Festival and Artwalk Saturday, April 28. Read an article about the installation here:

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