Regine Verougstraete

Regine Verougstraete began her art career in her native Brussels. In the mid nineties, just weeks after the closing of an ambitious and successful installation at the Chapelle des Brigittines, she moved stateside, and continued to exhibit in Europe, and Los Angeles area galleries, which featured mostly her masterful still-lifes. 

Her exhibition at SPACE features a small selection of work that spans the past nine years, and marks an aesthetic, as well as personal departure for Verougstraete.  The direction she continues to explore today demonstrates her need to get more personal, more open and honest - to show the struggle of finding oneself, one's self-love, and place in the universe.  “We are attached to old patterns so strongly and most of the time unconsciously that it takes time and patience, lots of self love and self compassion to finally grow out of a lifetime of old habits.” 

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Past Exhibition

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An interactive art installation designed by architect and designer Stephen Hsiao, presented one day only at the Eclectic Music Festival and Artwalk Saturday, April 28. Read an article about the installation here:

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