Gordon Henderson

Gordon Henderson grew out of the punk/fanzine culture of the 1980s and '90s. Using the alias Nib Geebles, he has published books, cards and the annual Nib Geebles calendar, now in its 27th year.

Henderson works with pen and ink on paper and his drawings are populated with people, animals and the occasional inanimate object. The people in his drawings seem detached, close to but cut off from each other. They are characters in narratives that have had their context stripped away, leaving only their emotional implications. The titles are not descriptions or punch lines, but function more as poetic instigation. One of his principal preoccupations is to explore how we take in, process and communicate information, looking for that which is absurd but inevitable.

Past Exhibition

Stephen Hsiao Have You Seen Him?

An interactive art installation designed by architect and designer Stephen Hsiao, presented one day only at the Eclectic Music Festival and Artwalk Saturday, April 28. Read an article about the installation here:

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